Our 2017 Entrance and Scholarship Examinations are open!


Please note our examination centres in Nigeria, England, and Kenya.



Not happy with your exam results?


GR8 Schools can help you with IGCSE resits, clearing A Levels, SATs, scholarships and all your admission needs for universities in Nigeria, the USA or the UK.

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Celebrating Nigeria’s 56th Anniversary




  • About Us


    GR8 Schools is a private education institution in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria providing the British Curriculum from pre-school to post-secondary.

    We aim to nurture confidence and discipline, as well as facilitate personal and social development in all students. We invest individual attention in each student to improve their academic potential and increase their passion for learning. A holistic education is important to us, so focus on learning in the classroom and extra-curricular activities like sports and the arts are encouraged.

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  • Our Mission Statement


    We seek to transform education and promote a philosophy of education that fosters personal growth, leadership development, teamwork and environmental stewardship.


    Our Vision


    To offer a world class education of the highest quality to every child, regardless of their background or ability.




What We Offer

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